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STARZ Outlander Case Study


Outlander at Comic-Con Mobile Billboard Case Study


STARZ is an American entertainment company that owns U.S. paid television channels, a media distribution company, and animated television and movie productions. STARZ features hit movies and first-run films, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent and international pictures. The main STARZ channel commonly premieres recent theatrically released hit movies along with original series like the ever popular Outlander.


  • Utilize high impact mobile units to penetrate the ad saturated geography of Comic-Con during the week long convention in San Diego, California
  • Created an eye-catching, out-of-home campaign that combined static assets and digital abilities
  • Digital mobile component coupled with the impact of several static mobiles in a caravan formation
  • Build awareness during Comic-Con convention hours and through the evening while convention attendees dine and entertain into the night hours


  • Appeal to the senses with visual digital elements and strong branding utilizing Kre8 Media’s portfolio of OOH assets
  • Kre8 Media designed custom coordinated routes that included two separate caravans to maximize impact in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Convoy of four static mobile billboards followed by one digital mobile billboard that played video trailers of Outlander
  • Nimble execution to change routes on the fly depending on specific pop-up events targeting high profile celebrity/persons of interest
  • Strategic positioning of mobile billboards and routes to execute STARZ specific requirements for brand awareness


  • July 2017
  • Static Mobiles
  • Digital Mobile
  • Digital Video
  • Custom Routes
  • Caravan
  • Pop-up
  • Event


  • 12,800,734 impressions
  • 50% SOV during international Comic-Con San Diego 2016
  • Mobile Billboard domination at Comic-Con
  • Client’s goals were achieved utilizing custom routes and nimble execution
  • STARZ executives in attendance experienced the magnitude of mobile presence
  • Digital mobile was the only one in the market catching additional attention from attendees