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Kre8 Media offers digital mobile billboard displays over 1,000 times brighter than traditional static mobile billboard advertising. The combination of size, brightness and clarity truly breaks through the advertising clutter. They offer great flexibility with changing creatives in real time without production charges, and the ability to geo-target creatives – which takes down the many barriers of traditional outdoor advertising. Digital mobile billboard display advertising can play static images, animation, broadcast quality commercial spots and play to any advertising sequence desired. They are perfect for permanent annual campaigns, concerts, conventions and special events.

Digital Mobile Display Network

Our digital mobile display network yields over 1,500 plays per week, per spot on the Las Vegas Strip. 3 LED mobile panels face in all directions on the Las Vegas Strip playing the network’s digital spots on our mobile advertising trucks. The frequency, creative flexibility and impact of this display network provides tremendous value for your dollar.

When you own time on Kre8 Media’s outdoor advertising networks you truly have an advantage over the market place. For the first time you have complete control over any sequence of your running advertisements and the geo-targeted location they can run. This offers you the flexibility and control over your outdoor advertising campaigns, which is crucial for optimizing audience impact and value.

Stand out with Animation!

98% of the adult population will see an outdoor ad every week and by embracing new technology, our digital mobile billboards makes the industry more engaging. This allows advertisers like you to keep up with current trends, and use these trends in your daily messaging. What’s hot right now? Animation! Let us animate your ads and make your message stand out.

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