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Kre8 Euphoria

Experience New Levels of Euphoria by choosing Kre-8 Media for all your outdoor advertising needs.  Many clients have claimed to experience the following conditions:

eu·pho·ri·a n.

A feeling of great happiness or well-being

  • Euphoricbudgeteria –  sensations after finding out that Kre-8 allowed you to come within your  outdoor advertising budget.  
  • Euphoricmutlitaskia – relief after realizing that Kre-8 Media can do the leg work for you and allow you to focus on other projects. 
  • Euphoricvalueaddia – your outdoor advertising budget just looks bigger after Kre-8 maximized the deal and added more value that you expected. 

Product Sidebar

The Patient: Hooters Casino Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

The Symptoms:

300 yards from the Las Vegas Strip, the desire to attract the thousands of tourists walking in sight of the infamous branded casino hotel and all of those tasty wings just waiting to be eaten.

The KRE8 Media Treatment:

The KRE8 Media clinic worked closely with Hooters Casino Hotel and understood all of the challenges, profile of their customers and their current promotions. We diagnosed the condition and wrote a prescription for Hooters street teams, walking billboards and dynamic mobile billboard advertising.  This synergy gave Hooters a high level of customer engagement, market reach and the frequency with multiple messages running simultaneously.

KRE8 Media handles all of the mapping, reporting and makes recommendations based on outdoor industry experience, know-how and results from current and previous like campaigns. This multimedia effort allowed Hooters executives to synchronize with one company and save precious work time, we worked with their budget to maximize advertising value by offering a reduced rate on packaging two media elements and we were also able to secure placement bonus advertising opportunities due to a longer commitment.

The Outcome: The walking billboards deliver over 1,800 flyers per day, the mobile billboards garnering over 370,000 impressions daily and the Hooters street team girls delivering the brand experience has resulted in substantially higher foot traffic, successful return percentages on promotions and a sizeable footprint on the Las Vegas Strip.