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Las Vegas Convention Advertising

Las Vegas Convention AdvertisingHigh Impact Las Vegas Convention Advertising

Approximately 5.9 million people traveled to Las Vegas last year to attend a convention. Thanks to the roughly 150,00 rooms in the city designed to house individuals, it’s no wonder this place remains a great option for any organization looking to bring a large group of people together for a trade show, convention or other major event.

Businesses who take advantage of this and make use of convention and trade show advertising in Las Vegas win big. With the help of our high impact Las Vegas Convention Advertising products, any business – an exhibitor at the convention, or a local business wishing to capitalize on the traffic can easily maximize their marketing dollars.

Why are Mobile Billboards, Street Teams and Walking Billboards so Effective When Targeting Las Vegas Convention Attendees?

With the help of mobile billboards, advertising to Las Vegas convention attendees has never been easier. Our billboards may be used to introduce a brand to hundreds of thousands of individuals in a short period, and this promotion is targeted to specific industries, based on which conventions are being held in the city that week. Mobile billboards come in the form of mobile truck advertising, street teams, walking billboards and mobile digital advertising. It’s all what works best for any given company choosing to make use of this advertising format and what the target audience is most likely to respond to.

Mobile advertising focuses on the needs of the target audience and goes where the audience will be while in the city..

Convention Advertising in Las VegasThe billboards tend to elicit a prompt response from those seeing the ad, as they are at eye level and are specifically deployed at times and placed optimally for those attending the convention. They offer a form of high impact, low cost advertising in hot spots throughout the city where the attendees will like come together.

As the advertising isn’t placed in a fixed location, the campaign can be altered in real time to ensure the highest return on investment. Drivers and street teams may be deployed to different locations, depending on the behaviors of the convention attendees.

With the help of advertising in Las Vegas Conventions, companies can announce a special promotion, drive traffic to a convention or trade show booth or promote a contest, hashtag or other item or promotion related to the event.

The ideas are endless in this situation, and companies are only limited by their imagination and the size of the selected mobile billboard. When combined with other forms of mobile advertising, such as street teams, companies find they can benefit from Las Vegas Convention Advertising for some time to come.

Maximize Your Advertising Dollars With the Help of High Impact Mobile Advertising Products at Las Vegas Conventions

Las Vegas advertising may extend beyond the city. Once the convention attendee returns home, he or she may continue to patronize a business they first learned about from a mobile billboard in Las Vegas. In addition, they may share their experience with others on social media and recommend individuals patronize a Las Vegas business when they visit the city. Mobile billboards increase brand awareness and attract attention. When people share what they learn from the billboard or discuss an experience they had with a company after learning about the business through this form of advertising, the business wins.[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][mk_divider style=”padding_space” margin_top=”11″][mk_mini_callout button_text=”Or Download Our Media Kit for Details” button_url=”” el_class=”page-callout”]

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