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The Kre8 Factor

The Kre8 Factor

We know there are many choices when it comes to outdoor advertising in Las Vegas and beyond.  That’s why we have the KRE8 FACTOR which are four self-imposed standards that will accompany every campaign we run.  There’s a saying that you can’t have Quality, Service and Price rolled into one….we call BS on that, it’s one simple word VALUE!

Here are four reasons why we’re confident that your experience with Kre8 Media will be a great one.

1. Why are we different?
We Listen! Then KRE8 SOLUTIONS…THEN ACT on YOUR input!

Ask the marketing manager from Mandalay Bay who tasked Kre8 Media with coming up with a dominate, creative and efficient out of home campaign to drive bodies to their “Paint the Town Gold” Campaign for New Year’s Eve 2014.   We listened!

We Acted.  The result was 12 street teamers branded in all gold delivering 15,000 pieces of collateral in the form of a PAINT BRUSH on the Las Vegas Strip.   2 Mobile Billboards on the Las Vegas Strip, yielding over 1,000,000 impressions during the 3 day campaign. Over 12,000 spots played on the digital bus shelter network.  A complete domination and share of voice on the Las Vegas Strip and overwhelming success of foot traffic going into Mandalay Bay for New Year’s Eve.  Click here for video.

2. Simple. Avoid aggravation. And deal with one team the entire way.

Bundle, one-stop shop or packaging…anyway you look at we are a resource company driven by delivering the ultimate customer experience.  By working with us we will save you time, stress, money and your sanity.  We believe in synergy and often times activations that have many layers involved, when you work with the ONE Company that controls that all with one VOICE imagine the level of execution raising exponentially.

One Team you get all this

  • Digital mobile billboard display
  • Static mobile billboards
  • Street teams
  • Stationary billboards
  • Digital billboards
  • Walking billboards
  • Creative outdoor advertising

3. Big budget? No problem. Small budget? No problem.

NO Budget? Call us anyway.

Our passion and level of satisfaction comes with listening to objectives, creating solutions and acting on it with superior results as the final result.  There’s options for all advertising obstacles and we have the resources to provide cost efficient advertising solutions no matter the budget size.

4. One size fits no one!

Everyone’s finger prints are different! Why not everyone’s outdoor advertising campaign? Order takers are for pizza companies. We are about collaboration, providing sometimes un-popular recommendations based on facts & experience, sometimes providing tried & tested strategies and Kre8ing custom campaigns for YOU. Just like our fingerprints they are all DIFFERENT.  We have a motto here at Kre8 Media “Changing Different” and this Kre8 Factor speaks to exactly that.