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Touchdown Towers

Las Vegas is home to 42.9 million annual visitors who dine, drink, entertain and spend. The famous Las Vegas Strip corridor is a national and international destination on top of many bucket lists throughout the world.

Kre8 Media has identified a set of outdoor spaces and created a program that we are confident will become iconic. It is our mission to only deliver this program with “taste” infused into every detail of the advertising space and to ensure that the magnetic glow of the Las Vegas Strip is not interrupted, only magnified. Our ability to also utilize specific brand shapes into the already existing shape of the iconic structures will also brand these spaces as truly original.

Elevator columns on the Las Vegas Strip corridor are a perfect iconic opportunity for a brand to advertise on both a national and international scale. The space has many advantages; it’s grand, eye level, in line of sight for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and the columns have a unique shape that are easily identified.

ELEVATOR TOWERS – total of 6 opportunities

On Las Vegas Blvd x Flamingo Rd Touchdown Towers
1. North facing / right-read – Caesars Palace side
2. North facing / cross-read – The Cromwell side
5. North facing / cross-read – Bally’s side

On Flamingo Rd x Las Vegas Blvd Touchdown Towers
3. East facing / right-read – The Cromwell side
4. East facing / cross-read – Bally’s side
6. West facing / cross-read – Caesars Palace side

Las Vegas Strip by the Numbers

  • 60,000 Daily Vehicular Traffic
  • 559,752 Walking Hours Daily
  • 2018 Expected Visitor Volume: 43,000,000

Limited Inventory!

For more information please call: (702) 777-2111

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