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3 Reasons Brand Ambassadors Can Boost Your Product & Brand Awareness

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Introducing a new product or trying to boost awareness of your brand often involves trying to cut through the clutter – especially on the Las Vegas Strip. With the thousands of messages bombarding consumers every day, how do you make your product stand out from the pack?

A brand ambassador can be just the ticket.

Although there are lots of reasons to use a brand ambassador to boost awareness of your product or brand, here are three of the most important:

1. Brand Ambassadors are Highly Interactive

Brand ambassadors can get the information you want to convey directly into the hands of potential customers. Unlike a retail store or similar venue where you are at the mercy of someone else’s staff, brand ambassadors can be trained to deliver your specific message for maximum impact. And because you control exactly who represents your brand, you can ensure those ambassadors are living, breathing representations of the image you want to convey.

2. Effectively Target your Demographic

Introducing a new product for twenty somethings, or offering a service for senior citizens? Brand ambassadors can travel to a concert venue, a farmer’s market or wherever else they are needed to execute a campaign strategy through live engagement with your target audience. No matter who you are trying to attract, brand ambassadors can blanket a specific location at a predetermined time to spread your message. A targeted focus on your demographic can yield great results.

3. Unlimited Creativity

Who of us hasn’t seen a vehicle that’s been wrapped in the branding of a particular product, or a teenager standing by the side of the road spinning a sign advertising hot pizzas? Uniforms, costumes, props, walking billboards and other marketing collateral can be used to represent your company and get your message across. There is virtually no limit on how creative or interactive brand ambassadors can be to promote your company.

Bringing a new product to market or launching a branding effort can be an expensive proposition, and ultimately the success of a company depends on how quickly those efforts gain acceptance. In today’s economic environment it’s not enough to simply buy some ad time and hope for the best. Employing brand ambassadors can be a great way to ensure your message achieves outstanding results in the shortest time possible.