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Why Big Brands Love Walking Billboards (And You Should Too!)

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Big brands absolutely love walking billboards, and you should too! The ideal form of advertisement for companies large and small, these billboards have been hailed as an advertisement medium of the future. Several key elements make these billboards so powerful – their functionality, personality, and customizability.


Walking billboards can be utilized by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Not only do they deliver the product message to the consumer immediately, but they also reach customers in their own environment, where they feel comfortable. Walking billboards are not overpowering or intrusive forms of advertisement. Reasonable and tasteful sizing of the billboards help to not turn off potential customers. Walking billboards are highly functional, as they build brand awareness, while also displaying product information in an easily accessible format.


One of the best features about walking billboards is that they are all about YOU. Is your business quirky and fun? No problem! Is it smoldering and sexy? Perfect. Walking billboards allow you to show your personality and the personality of your brand. An additional benefit is the billboards allow the walking advertisers and the consumers to interact with one another. This interactive experience adds additional layers of personality to your business and brand and delivers a highly individualized advertisement experience to each and every consumer. With our billboards, you are able to adapt to each potential customer’s needs and personality. This mode of marketing makes pinpointing and targeting consumers much easier and accurate!


Hand in hand with personality and functionality, customizability is another important aspect of advertisement and is necessary for effective campaign. Big brands love walking billboards for their easy customizability. For example, many billboards that you would see throughout the world are very standard. However, walking billboards break the standard approach, and are memorable for it! Their instant message and unique customizable design provide yet another angle for you and your business.

With all of the features of walking billboards, combined with the uniqueness of the billboards functionality, personality and customizability, there is really no excuse to skip over such a powerful advertising medium. Kre8Media has effectively deployed walking billboard advertising campaigns for numerous big brand companies with proven success.  Isn’t it time you took advantage?