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Are Brand Ambassadors Right for Your Business?

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Brand ambassadors aren’t just paid advertisers or spokespeople, they are truly ambassadors who believe in your brand and relate to it in a way that establishes them as your identity. Some organizations have successfully leveraged celebrities as brand ambassadors, while others train employees, utilize their best customers or deploy a team of passionate and professional individuals that can represent your brand or product.

Some businesses may not think that utilizing brand ambassadors is right for them. Here are some examples of where brand ambassadors can bring that unimaginable value.

Non-Profits Need Brand Ambassadors

Las Vegas Brand AmbassadorsBeloved pro golfer Ernie Els can relate to parents of autistic children because he is one. Els makes a profound statement for his own foundation, and has become the poster gentleman for raising awareness and funding for autism. Non-profit’s benefit from a spokesperson that can put a real face on a cause that people are unfamiliar with, or the issue some have trouble understanding.

Even though celebrities make for exceptional brand ambassadors, this may not always be realistic. Deploying a team of truly passionate individuals that can represent your cause on an authentic level can help others become equally as aware and engaged.

Brands That Need a Fast Start

Although traditional advertising methods can broadcast your up and coming brand, a team of brand ambassadors can help you directly connect with your targeted demographic on a personal and organic level. Because brand ambassadors are truly an extension of your brand, their ability to connect with the audience that you know will make your brand or product a success is incomparable.

Being able to engage the right audience from the start will help spark the chain reaction of word-of-mouth that transcends your message to like-minded people. Especially in today’s world, the impact of social media can extend awareness of a new product or brand to inconceivable lengths.

Although you may not always instantly convert people into customers, the ability to engage at a face-to-face level and introduce people to your product can leave a lasting impression.

Brand Ambassador GirlsBrands That Need Humanizing

Industries with public relations concerns — such as manufacturers of chemicals and plastics, lumber harvesting and meat processing — can benefit greatly from a face that humanizes their operations. Likewise, if your brand is highly technical or difficult for consumers to understand and relate to, a friendly, familiar face can help people identify with your organization.

Brand ambassadors put a human face and voice onto a brand. If your brand needs a real person’s identity that other can relate, brand ambassadors are the right marketing tool for you.

Arguably, brand ambassadors are the best form of marketing because their ability to influence a person’s trust and loyalty to your brand is at the most personal level. Something traditional forms of advertising could never truly compare.


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