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Cirque Du Soleil’s KA Mobile Billboards Pushes Creative Marketing

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The creative department at MGM Grand and Cirque du Soleil challenged Kre8 Media to develop concepts that would allow their mobile billboards to stand out both during daylight and night time hours.

The outcome was the “first to market” concept on a mobile billboard that definitely breaks through the clutter and takes the mobile billboard to a different level.

The KA logos and figures are cut to a 3D mold that is laced with LED’s behind it that really makes the figures and logo POP.

The result is one of the most eye-catching static mobile billboard displays ever created.  The default method of breaking out from a traditional printed mobile billboard would have been to choose motion video on digital mobile billboards, but this project’s goals was to create something different and eye-catching – not just because of the color and motion.

The custom KA mobile billboard does just what the client ordered – it truly catches the eye of people all along the Las Vegas strip.  The molded 3D images create a type of movement that is so unusual that you just have to watch it as the billboard passes by, which is exactly what passers by and visitors to the Las Vegas Strip do – they stop and stare.

Kre8 Media has been extremely successful creating cutting-edge mobile billboards and displays that have never been seen or used in the mobile billboard market. Our expert designers, builders and marketing pros absolutely love these kinds of challenges. Only in Las Vegas can you find the opportunity to think so creatively and out of the box – especially taking on the challenge of marketing such well-known visual shows such as KA and Cirque du Sleil in an equally unusual and creative way as the iconic shows themselves.

Kre8 Media does equally impressive work for clients big and small throughout the Las Vegas valley.  No matter your budget, Kre8 Media can help you get your message out in an impressive and budget friendly manner.


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