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Outdoor Advertising: How to Guide for Las Vegas Strip Corridor

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1520455258297{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]We hear it every day “Las Vegas is unlike any other city to market in the United States.” This is true and it’s because Las Vegas’s DMA rank is 40, yet that ranking does not take into consideration the 40,000,000 million visitors that revolve around the Las Vegas Strip Corridor annually. The 2.5 mile stretch is an advertising jackpot unlike anywhere in the world. There are 424,000 walking hours on the Las Vegas Strip daily. (Source: Applied Analysis reach and recall survey) and 45,000 vehicles passing through the city of lights.

It’s by far the most efficient city to reach the masses. 1 Million new eyes weekly, reach them all in 2.5 miles. It’s the best kept secret in advertising.

When it comes to planning an effective outdoor advertising campaign in Las Vegas, I like to plan backwards and begin with three very important factors.

There must be a component of control or secured space involved in the campaign.

When activating an outdoor advertising campaign on the LV Strip Corridor, having a component of controlled voice is critical. I can appreciate an outdoor mix, yet one or more of the media platforms have to have an exact location & time that is running your ad. While frequency is important, it’s got to be the right reach and frequency to the exact audience you’re looking for. The controlled advertising can come through mediums such as stationary billboards, mobile billboard advertising, digital mobile billboards, bus shelter advertising and street team advertising. All of these media offers a component of control and in an environment like the Las Vegas Strip. Some media to be aware of that are not controlled are taxi top advertising and shuttle bus advertising. Although they do get the frequency ratings up they also leave a lot to chance for your advertising efforts.

Know your environment and your advertisement can be in a position where the impact is dramatic.

Unless you can own the airport, I’m not an advocate of airport advertising. The story sounds great “reach 40 million passengers, get the first point of contact with your target customer and everyone who flies into Las Vegas goes through McCarran airport.” Can’t you smell the roses?

What do you think about when you’re at the Las Vegas airport? My curiosity keeps me probing on this question. “I just want to get in and get out,” “The Las Vegas Airport is a zoo, I love it makes me want to get out of here and gamble,” “What carousel are my bags at?”  Think about the emotional state of mind that your consumer is in when engaged in your message. Are they at a point where they are open minded to the thought of your advertising?

I’m a self-admitted mobile billboard homer (I’ve been selling it for 8 years now) and there’s a situation that occurs on the strip daily that just give me the “goosies” (what would this article be without a J Lo reference). Literally in the spotlight at the stop light, crowds on the bustling Las Vegas Strip waiting at the cross walk, and up pulls a 200 sq ft message stopped at the light.  Talk about a captive audience, a larger than life ad and the timing couldn’t be better.

Keep your message simple & relevant – “What Happens Here Stays Here.”

In today’s age where information is at our finger tips, give the common Joe more credit. Come on man we’ve got GOOGLE and can even find the cure for the common cold. Outdoor standards are always seven words or less, and I highly recommend to keep it that way.

Relevancy is important yet underutilized when it comes to outdoor. Relevancy comes in two skins. Timing is the first one, as digital emerges it allows advertisers to connect in real time with specific dated or times advertisements. Second is content, as it pertains to knowing where you’re messaging. The Las Vegas Strip lends itself to numerous content based relevancy. The advertisement is about striking an emotional connection and when you’re relevant in your content “ping” I believe you will increase your chance of action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]