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Capturing Your Audience’s Attention with Mobile Billboards

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Mobile billboards are a great way to advertise your product, brand or service. However, it is easy for your message to get lost if you don’t choose a design that clearly portrays your objective. Although our mobile billboards have a rather large canvas to work with, you have a very limited space in which to advertise, so you need to utilize your space as intelligently as possible. These tips will help you optimize that space and grab your audience’s attention.

Less is More

When considering billboard design it is best to use short, punchy phrases that have optimal impact. If the design is too cluttered or wordy, then it is likely that your message will be lost. Start by brainstorming the main idea for your billboard and then hone it down to a few engaging, powerful and descriptive words. This is especially important with mobile billboards.

Choose Your Fonts Wisely

The first thing you need to consider when choosing your font is readability. The fonts you use should be large, so the message can easily be read from a distance and while in motion. In some cases it is wise to avoid italics and lacy script. If you want to draw attention to a particular word or phrase there are a couple of ways to achieve this.

Bolding text is a popular strategy, but you can also utilize different font colors. You might also consider using a different font for your impact words. Although your brand may have specific style guides, font choice is still an important factor to consider.

Use Contrasting Colors

Colors that have sharp contrasts to each other provide optimal visibility. However, be careful not to overuse this strategy. Using one or two colors is recommended for most billboards. You can use multiple colors, but really only when using multi-colored graphics. Text should be one color, or sometimes two for emphasis.

Choosing the right colors will greatly depend on the background being used, and in the case of mobile billboard advertising, the times of day you wish to run your ads. Although the lights of the Las Vegas Strip may brighten up the night, it is still important to consider your choice of colors if you want your message to really stand out.

Catch your Audience’s Eye

The biggest challenge for creating a billboard message is catching the reader’s attention. While the initial draw may be contrast, color or font, it’s the message that will keep them there. Provocative statements, teasers that make them want more, and humor will keep the reader in the message and entice them to take the next step and answer your call to action.

Include a Call to Action

Identifying a Call to Action depends on your advertisement’s key objective. Whether that is to acquire phone calls, visits to your website or simply advertising your business, you want to drive attention to what will help you achieve your goals.

Calls to action do not have to be as obvious as “Call Today” or “Shop Here,” but incorporating intelligent elements of design should make your intention crystal clear. Something as simple as a phone number, website address, or even simple location directions can be the call to action that makes your campaign successful. If your message encourages your audience to take action, you will achieve your goals.