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Why Use the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network to Advertise Your Product?

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Any good marketing director is looking for the next great advertising idea. So, why use the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network to advertise your business?  This is a very good question, and there are several reasons that explain why so many companies use the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network to advertise their products on a daily basis.

This is the first advertising model if its kind, a synchronicity between a digital mobile billboard proprietary network and Las Vegas Strip digital bus shelter network.  This is the only available digital network on the Las Vegas Strip, yielding a total of 79,450 total plays per week on the 2D Network.

The 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network is the only mobile display network on the Las Vegas Strip.

There is no other mobile display network available, making this network unique in the realm of advertisement. But what exactly makes a mobile display network better than any other sort of advertisement on the Las Vegas Strip? There are an abundance of reasons.

First, Production Costs are Minimal with the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network

This is a benefit that is not found with other advertisement mediums. Because the mobile display network utilizes the existing infrastructure of vehicles, there are no fees to set up or take down an advertisement campaign.  The flexibility to upload creative on the fly and not have production costs stand between you and a great advertising campaign.

Second, Campaigns Can Be Customized to Both the Advertiser and the Potential Customer

For example, some advertisers may wish to run hard-hitting permanent campaigns, while other advertisers may wish to run more targeted seasonal campaigns. With the high customizability of the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network, both of these options are possible with absolutely no hassle.

Furthermore, campaigns can run at any time of the day. Would you product do best being advertised to an energetic night crowd?  Not a problem – the mobile display network can easily customize your message to run during the night.

Relevancy and timing are crucial to any effective digital activation.  The ability to be relevant lets the consumer know that you are timely on how you are communicating with them, you care about their needs as a consumer and you know what they want and when they want it.   This will get their attention and they’ll shop, play and dine.

Finally, Mobility Dramatically Extends your Audience Reach

Mobile display networks like the 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network have the unique ability to reach an exceptionally broad audience by the sheer virtue of their mobility. The advertising reach of this medium has been under-utilized in most highly urbanized areas, and is practically nonexistent in rural settings. Because mobile advertising is still uncommon, there is room for dramatic growth for you and your business.

Take advantage of this growing new platform and use the reach of the mobile display network get the most out of your advertising dollars.  Las Vegas is a town absolutely saturated with marketing, all competing for the same group of semi-captive consumers.  The 2Digital Las Vegas Strip Network is an exciting and unique way to advertise your product and capture your audience.

It’s all about reach and frequency in all advertising campaigns.  Playing 79,450 times per week is a campaign delivery quite like no other.  Running for 24 hours per day guarantees the reach that you need to deliver your message like no other to everyone and their mother.