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Why Use Mobile Billboards In Your Marketing Strategy

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Why use Mobile Billboards in your marketing strategy

If I was in a standing room only auditorium full of experienced, savant, tried and savvy marketers and I posed this question “If you could geographically place your message to the exact coordinates you want, if your timing was impeccable and you could reach your audience in the exact moment where you believe they are most likely to accept your message and lastly SUPERSIZE it (make it really, really..really big so they can’t miss it)…..would you do it?

The answer: YES, I would be my house on it.  So I bought in Vegas at the wrong time and I’m currently upside down, you get the point.

I just described the exact scenario of a mobile billboard advertisement, although the media has grown exponentially in the last several years; it still has not quite gained the notoriety you would think it would.  Think about it, YOU would control everything and if you have a dollar to spend and every cent counted, not sure about you but I would want to know exactly where each penny was going.  There seems to be an affection towards traditional Maybe because they are not BIG, in the right place or hitting you at the right time.

I have a theory of three reasons why 95% of all of my clients who I dared to try mobile billboard advertising would stay as a satisfied client.  As persistent, kind and on a rare day maybe I’d score a wink from a nice looking gal, I surely don’t think my customers bought long term because of me.  They kept buying and buying because the media works.

Reason #1  “100% Advertising Efficiency”

With a mobile billboard campaign you plan by the hour and the day.  Relate mobile billboard planning to the time you would spend with your in-laws, I mean I’m not going to waste a false move with any small talk, I’m seriously investing my time wisely.  Think of it as having a make believe joystick over your own personal mobile billboard. You pay only for the time in market and you control the routes, this doesn’t allow for any down time or wasted space.

Reason #2 “Bigger is better

I’m getting a kick out of AT&T ‘s new marketing campaign “ Bigger is Better” where the (not sure who he is, reminds me of a show and tell scenario) where the actor is sitting in a chair while listening to kids not holding back describing why bigger is better, faster is better and flat out better is better!  A mobile billboard can have over 400 sq ft of advertising space….”that’s huge”!  If the creative is good and the designer is following the outdoor advertising guideline “7 words or less” this is advertising that you can’t miss and you’re going to be in a position where you can…..wait for it…..kinda the most important part to advertising……REMEMBER IT!

Reason #3  “Lights, Camera, Action”

This one is 3 fold.  You need lights on as the lights go down on the day.   Mobile Billboards typically have a balance of lights to keep the advertisement in good light so it stands out at night time.  Second, it’s the wow factor and the element of surprise of mobile billboard advertising that make this memorable and your target audience more apt to act in your favor (assuming your copy is good and your product can stand on its own two feet). I’ve seen many people first hand taking movies of mobile billboards and pictures (end up on refrigerators, you tube, facebook which all creates viral energy). Lastly, unlike many static forms of outdoor, mobile billboard advertising is on wheels and has an energy that comes with it, almost this feeling that your ad is coming to life and has a mind of its own.

Applied Analysis did a study on the Las Vegas Strip of which advertisements tourists remembered the most. You guessed it ……mobile billboards (overwhelming 53% specific recall was the highest ranked outdoor advertising media by double digits 11% over the rest (busses, taxis and stationary billboards).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]