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Kre8 Media Outdoor Helps Celebrate Vegas NHL Playoff Clinch

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Kre8 Media’s newest product, the Touchdown Towers, was recently featured in an article by Media Post.

With hockey fever sweeping Las Vegas, Kre8 Media is proud to have been able to launch this exciting new ad space with a media buy from the Vegas Golden Knights. This is the first NHL team since 1979 to clinch a Stanley Cup playoff position in it’s inaugural season.

Learn more about this product and how this can be an exciting opportunity for a future buy.

Kre8 Media Outdoor Helps Celebrate Vegas NHL Playoff Clinch

(courtesy of Media Post)

The Touchdown Towers face the exterior wall of the Strip’s pedestrian bridge elevator columns on Flamingo Road and Las Vegas Boulevard. Through an exclusive agreement with Caesars Entertainment, Kre8 Media is the sole provider of these select ad plots that host 60,000 vehicles and 424,000 walking hours per day.

Las Vegas Boulevard sees more than 40 million tourists annually.

“These six towers are currently the only existing option of their kind available on the Las Vegas Strip, making this ad corridor an extremely valuable asset to advertisers,” says Jeremie Watkins, managing partner of Kre8 Media.

To debut the ad space, Kre8 Media worked directly with Vegas Golden Knights’s CMO Brian Killingsworth to develop a custom build-out concept that uses a hockey puck to pop out of the wall by constructing the physical pieces and applying the build to the space itself.

The result is an ad that shows a Vegas Golden Knights player smashing a puck into the infrastructure of the city.

You can read the entire article here.